Artificial Turf Putting Green Care. Chandler Fake Grass

Artificial Turf Putting Green Care. Chandler Fake Grass


It’s great that you can use your backyard putting green throughout most of the year. However, care and maintenance are all it takes to keep your synthetic grass green and to look as good as the day it was installed, with all the performance features you chose.

Convincing yourself to give in to temptation is simplified when one’s artificial turf putting green is within easy reach. You can practice your short game outside your door by taking out your putter and chipping the wedge.

All through spring, summer, and fall, plus winter. There’s no need to worry about losing ground due to a lack of practice during the “off” season. When you need it, your green will be there. Here’s how to care for your artificial turf by putting green from Luxury Turf in Chandler.


What Happens With Chandler Fake Grass And Rain?

Our best bet is that it will. Your synthetic grass putting green won’t care one bit if it does. Luxury Turf’s expert installation and high-quality turf will dry your green in no time. Quite a bit better than the results you’d get with natural grass.

When the rain stops, it dries very quickly. So whether the rain forces you to stop working for a while or motivates you to keep going, you have options. If your partner also enjoys golf, perhaps you could enlist their help holding an enormous umbrella while you play. The roles can be rotated.


Care For Backyard Putting Greens

Care for your putting green is similar to your artificial grass lawn, despite the green’s more specific purpose. Simply applying some essential maintenance will keep it in tip-top shape.

  • Leaves, twigs, whatever, should be removed if they land on it.
  • Dust may settle to the ground if the weather is particularly dry. But give it a quick hose-down, and it’ll be as good as new.
  • To keep it neat, periodically sweep it with a broom or use a power brush with stiff bristles (especially if you have longer apron turf). And a roller can help you achieve that even coating.

The putting green needs to be inspected regularly to ensure there aren’t any niggling issues, such as a lifted edge or a sneaky weed along the side. It’s the kind of weed you can easily remove by hand.

Just call our Luxury Turf team whenever you need any minor fixes. Then, with regular preventative care, your putting green will look and function like new for years to come.

The time invested in this maintenance is minimal compared to the time spent traveling to and from a golf course or driving range. In addition to the time investment of a few minutes, it costs nothing. So it’s okay to put in more time at the gym. Just what you were looking for.


Luxury Turf Putting Green Installation

Periodically, a more thorough inspection and revitalization of any artificial turf putting green are recommended.

Your green improves the look of all the other green (and the flowers) in your garden, so it’s only fair that you give it some extra care now and then.


It takes our crew just a day to:

  • The Cleaning Up of Debris
  • Checking the Filling
  • Service substance used for putting greens
  • Check the edge for damage and make any necessary fixes.
  • Distribute sand over the rolled-out surface of the putting green.
  • Refill infill
  • Brush the grass and the edges of the green.


Get The Ultimate Backyard Putting Green Installation With Luxury Turf

We suggest scheduling a tune-up twice yearly for your backyard, putting it green to ensure its longevity and peak performance. For this reason, you can complete simple tasks in your spare time. And give us a call when you think your green could use expert care.

You can contact Luxury Turf here, and a staff member will be in touch. In addition, you can complete the minor form below if you need a quick response.

In addition, you can check our backyard fake grass inspiration photo gallery, or read more facts about Chandler Artificial Turf.

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